Sri Lak Laboratory Services (Pvt) Ltd is an ISO 17025:2017 accredited laboratory. All clients will receive the opportunity to speak and receive free consultation with an industry expert when receiving the water or waste water quality report. 

The chief chemist obtain 30 years of unmatched experience in the water and waste water industry. 

Clients will not disappoint sharing the water quality issue with our laboratory and we assure to protect the privacy of our clients. Importantly; the laboratory will assist the client to find competent solutions. 

Sri Lak Laboratory Services ( Pvt) ltd chosen over a range of testing laboratories by INGO’s and foreign consultants involved in local projects as we are the only in the island provides flexible and timely service with a clear outcome.

Chief chemist and consultant Mr. W.S.C.A. Fonseka is a Charted Chemist and the former Chief Chemist at National Water Supply & Drainage Board. Obtaining 30 years in the industry will cheerfully attend with your water quality issue 

The laboratory incorporate in large variety of water and waste water solution consultancy facility. From house hold domestic solutions to commercialised and community based advisory services will be provided with the results of your water quality report.   

Sri lak laboratory services (pvt) ltd consultancy solution we have solved greatest challengers through experience and following procedures accepted by international standards.

All INGO’s, NGO’s, Government bodies and Private sector concerned about sustainability and well being are invited to visit us.


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